Best Bralettes for Larger Busts? Why Parade is Your Best Option

Best Bralettes for Larger Busts? Why Parade is Your Best Option

For so long the world of bras and bralettes have ignored many of their consumers, disregarding the simple fact that women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

A lack of diversity in both product and representation, however, has created a sizable gap in knowledge around knowing what design features to look for when you have a larger bust size.

Parade’s approach to designing bralettes was largely focused on inclusivity.

We are committed to offering bralettes, which typically come in a very limited size range, in the same sizes we offer for our underwear bottoms (XS-3XL).

We also took the rare step of hiring a bra-specific pattern-maker and fitting each individual size to achieve the perfect fit. 

Beyond our regular size range, we chose to launch our bralettes with additional sizes, called Support+ which will allow women with larger boobs to wear bralettes comfortably. 

Are bralettes good for larger busts?

This style is the perfect option for women with larger bust sizes, you just need to know what design features to look out for!

As you could imagine, support is one of the most crucial elements when determining optimal styles for larger bust sizes. We can see how the lack of underwire in a bralette (typically regarded as the main provider of structural support in a traditional bra) can be quite daunting.

To make sure your girls are both comfortable and uplifted in all the right places, we’d recommend going with a bralette that features a wider band and shoulder straps.

Additionally, look for cups that are not padded and have clearly defined separation to support each breast individually.

If you’re looking to double-down on durability, reinforced seams and double-layering of fabric can go miles in ensuring your bralette keeps your breasts in place.

What bra fabric is best for bigger busts?

The importance of quality materials also can’t be downplayed here — any fabrics that offer stretch and durability are great options.

Spandex is an excellent place to start due to its elasticity, its ability to mold to the wearer’s skin, and its ability to provide that held-in support for various types of bodily movement.

Nylon is another winner, combining strength, stretch, and a silky-smooth texture for optimal comfort and that almost naked-feel.

Parade bralettes are made from Re:Play — our original bestselling fabric with an ultra-soft touch. The elastic AirBand™ was developed by us exclusively for this bralette, and the mesh details are made from Silky Mesh (which is certified recycled, of course!).

What size bralette works for large busts?

Sagging, pinching, readjusting — none of these are on the ingredient list for a pleasant day. Much like underwear, bralettes are hardly a one-size-fits all style. Bodies come in all shapes!

In order to find out what size bralette works best for large busts, we recommend measuring around the fullest part of your bust with the tape slightly relaxed. The second measurement to take into account here is around your ribcage.

Use these measurements as the foundation for your search, and be sure to consult all of the available sizing information to nail the perfect fit. 

How do Parade bralettes fit women with larger busts?

We engineered Support+ sizes with thoughtful design details, made to provide that little bit of lift that bigger boobs crave.

Our Support+ sizes currently accommodate up to a DDD cup, although we’ve seen up to an H cup wear a +1 before!

Featuring wider straps with adjustable transformable straps (you can criss-cross them for even more support!), a taller custom-designed AirBand™ which feels super-light but supportive around your underbust, an extra hook & eye, and a taller center gore.

All of these little cues add up to the weightless comfort you deserve.

Every individual Support+ size was thoughtfully tailored and adjusted to ensure the perfect fit.

What size bralette should I get from Parade if I have big boobs?

You can use the "find my size" tool on each bralette product page or use the size chart below to find your perfect fit.

32 XS XS S S 1+ 1+
34 XS S M M 1+ 2+
36 S M M L 2+ 2+
38 L XL XL 3+ 3+
40 XL 2XL 2XL 3+ 3+
42 2XL 3XL 3XL

What's so special about Parade bralettes?

Our product team spent two years developing Parade bralettes to provide weightless support and unreal comfort in our full range of sizes.

» Parade Scoop bralette 

» Parade Triangle bralette

Here are a few of the things that make our bralettes so special:

1. We fit and designed each size from scratch, using women of all shapes and sizes. This means that the XS bralette is not just a smaller version of the XL bralette, but rather, a version of the bralette design optimized for that size range. This is not industry standard!

2. We developed our exclusive AirBand™ — a new kind of under-bust elastic that feels feather-light and has no unnecessary digging.

3. We listened to you, our models, and our team throughout the design journey. Our bralettes were truly co-created by our community and deliver on all the qualities you found to be most important.

4. We employed a pattern-maker who specializes in bras to develop the pattern for our bralettes. These designers are rare to find, but we know your comfort is worth it :)

Got more questions about Parade's bralette collection? Check out our FAQ & Help page for everything else you might want to know.