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    Our Re:Play, Silky Mesh, Universal, SuperSoft, Lush Rib, and New:Cotton core fabric platforms are all made through sustainable, innovative technologies. To read more about each fabric platform, click here.

    Parade underwear and apparel runs true to size, so we recommend ordering the sizes you typically wear on the XS-3XL grade. If you're unsure, underwear and apparel size charts are available on every product page.
    For bralettes, we recommend taking our Size Quiz, also available on every bralette product page.

    Parade bralettes were designed from style-first perspective to ensure comfort, and were constructed with innovative design features to replace traditional qualities such as padding and underwire. Typically, brands will fit a size M and grade up & down. At Parade, each size has different fit considerations—3 bases that grade up and down accordingly (S, XL, 2+) Support+ sizes were engineered with thoughtful design details, made to provide that little bit of lift that bigger boobs crave.

    Support+ sizes were engineered with thoughtful design details, made to provide that little bit of lift that bigger boobs crave.

    Featuring wider straps with adjustable transformable straps (you can criss-cross them for even more support!), a custom-designed AirBand™ which feels super-light but supportive around your underbust, an extra hook & eye, and a taller center gore. All of these little cues add up to the weightless comfort you deserve.

    Every individual Support+ size was thoughtfully tailored and adjusted to ensure the perfect fit.

    Yes! Parade was created to work on every size, and we’ve had dozens of plus-size people involved inThis depends on your preference and how you are between sizes.

    For example, if you get a size M, and the cup fits you great, but the band is too loose, you may need to size down to an S if you don't mind having slightly less coverage, or you may do better in our 1+ size designed for smaller bands with bigger cups.

    When in doubt, please feel free to text Clarissa! She is an expert in our bralettes and will help you get the right size. our product development process from the start. Our waistband, FreeStretch, is engineered with sport-inspired performance stretch, to fit a much wider range of bodies. It has a higher modulus and recovery to ensure it never digs in or pinches. A lot of the plus-size members of our community say it’s now their favorite pair of underwear.

    If the band is too loose and you’re wearing a regular size, we recommend trying Support+ or sizing down, but know that with the latter you’ll have a bit less coverage. If the back is too tight, but the cup fits, we recommend a bra extender!

    We’ve found the best way to keep your Parade products looking brand new is to wash on gentle and laying flat to dry when possible. Make sure you wash your Parade in cold water to keep the colors looking fresh—plus, it’s an easy way to reduce carbon emissions when washing.

    Washing clothing made of synthetic materials can release microplastic particles. Microplastics are small particles of plastic that are released into the water. However, at Parade, we’ve taken a few steps of our own (and have a few more for you!) to reduce the microplastics that are released when you wash your Parade. 

    More microplastics are released in looser weave clothing, so we make our products from tight-weave materials, which reduces the amount of microplastics released. 

    We recommend you wash your Parade using a slow cycle. Slow cycles during washing are less likely to release microplastics than fast cycles. 

    You can always buy a washing bag to eliminate all microplastics. We recommend Guppyfriend.

    We launch new, limited-edition collections every 2-4 weeks and replenish core styles and colors as often as we can. Follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop!

    Currently, we offer 7 sizes of underwear and apparel ranging from XS to 3L, and 10 sizes of Bralettes including our Support+ sizing (1, 2, and 3+).

    However, the Parade is always growing, and that includes plans for size expansion across all our product categories. Be on the lookout for expanded sizes coming early 2023!