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Parade Gold FAQ

Your questions, answered. Inclusive of recent program-wide updates & best practices.

Gold Q&A

Your new side hustle! The Instagram handle you applied with is now a 20% off code available to you, your friends and followers! We pay you on every time your code is used on orders greater than $30. Plus! with every purchase, you unlock a new social package to promote your code.

1 social package includes:

- 1 TikTok Post ($15)

- 2 Instagram Reels/Posts ($10 each)

- 5 Instagram Stories ($3 each)

Connect your banking information and every time your code is used on a Parade order at checkout, your account will automatically be credited cash. There are also new opportunities monthly to earnby being featured in Parade campaigns, social postings, and challenges – visit your dashboard regularly to stay updated!

• Add it to your social media bio. (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter,, etc.) 

• Include it in your own content or social captions 

• Drop it in an active group chat

• Share it with your co-workers

As long as you’ve completed all banking and ID requirements (follow the required step in your dashboard), your monthly earnings will be deposited within 30 days of the following month. (ex. All July earnings will be received before August 31st)

Our secure payment partner Stripe handles all banking payment issues. If you are having an issue with your bank, you are able to chat live with an agent or leave your phone number to receive a live agent here.

If this FAQ does not answer your question, reach out to the Parade Community Team directly:

This functionality is now available in your Gold dashboard, select the button directly under your unique 20% off code. If you don’t update your handles, we wont be able to detect your content and your code wont be valid for 20% off

• If your social handles are different than what you originally applied with, we're no longer tracking your content and you need to update your information in your Gold dashboard

• Have you checked the box in your dashboard that you’re interested in a higher tier of earnings? If not, your earnings are capped and you can’t earn past a certain threshold

• Did you tag or mention your content correctly? (more information about tagging content on your dashboard!)

Parade Gold is intended for you to promote your code and benefit when others use it. Not being able to place personal orders also deters misuse. As a Gold member you receive the following perks compared to the Friends program:

Non-Gold members (Parade Friends): 

• 20% off all orders (no minimum)

• Early access to exclusive launches, campaigns & partnerships

• Gifted product when eligible

• Product development 

Gold members:

• 20% off all orders (no minimum)

• Early access to exclusive launches, campaigns & partnerships

• Gifted product when eligible

• Product development 

• $15 cash for every code use ($30 minimum)

• Social payouts to promote their code & support Brand initiatives

• Unlimited social packages that pay you to promote your own code on Instagram or TikTok

Yes! As outlined above, you’ll still receive perks, be eligible for gifted products, etc.

Save or favorite this link and check back regularly for new updates about how to participate, be eligible for gifting opportunities and make money.

Multiple orders placed in a short period of time to the same address or email are considered suspicious & fraudulent.
Applicable credits will be deducted from your Gold account based on the Parade Community Teams manual review of your activity and the personal information associated with the orders.

No. You earn by sharing your unique code with your friends & followers. If codes are intentionally submitted, you will be removed from the Parade Gold program and applicable payments are deducted. If codes are leaked and discovered on discount sites, your earning ability is temporarily paused until removed and applicable funds are also deducted.