What are Boy Shorts? Learn about this Women's Underwear Essential

What are Boy Shorts? Learn about this Women's Underwear Essential

The comprehensive world of women’s underwear can be a tricky one to navigate. With so many underwear styles out there it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones work for you, and more explicitly, when.

Good thing we’re here to break down the basics, starting with Boyshorts underwear.

What are boy shorts?

While the sex appeal of the vast majority of underwear styles is determined by the amount of fabric present (or lack thereof), boy shorts can be considered as a major contender of this convention.

We like to think of this style as the product of an epic, Notebook-style love story between tights and shorts.

Typically extending past the crotch to cut off along the upper thigh, this silhouette tends to cover more of the hip and butt than other pieces. The result? Maximum mobility and maximum comfort.

Why are they called boy shorts?

We started Parade to create expressive basics that champion our eccentricities — in all of their colors, shapes, and forms.

Living within this beautiful moment where we are encouraged to challenge existing cultural norms such as gender, the irony of a “boyshort” isn’t lost on us.

Let’s take a trip back to the boxing rings of the 1930’s, where the precursor of this style (the boxer) was popularized. It’s believed that once men started wearing them, active women followed suit, updating the foundations Elizabeth Miller laid in the 18th century with “bloomers”.

As the boy short origin story suggests, this style has since become synonymous with a more on-the-go, athletic lifestyle.

How are boy shorts supposed to fit women?

Much like the name suggests, this style of underwear is supposed to fit like a tight pair of shorts. Because of the super snug fit and full coverage, boys shorts typically work for any body type and any individual looking for a more held-in feel.

Our Mid Rise Boyshort features a lower rise & more coverage than your classic boyshort for women — this super soft style is our most cozy underwear yet.

Our High Rise Boyshort features high-waisted, full-coverage design with minimal side seams. Designed for endless comfort without any pinching or digging.

When to wear boy shorts & how to style them

Boyshorts are a great underwear style for women across all lifestyles purely because of their aesthetic versatility.

Combine a buttery-smooth and breathable fabric with next generation engineering and you get the perfect workout companion that moves with (as opposed to against) your body.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the more fashion-minded wearer who appreciates expressing their personal style on a larger canvas.

We all have been a casualty of the visible panty line at one point or another, so underwear with a naked feel are a huge must for anyone rocking a sleeker ensemble.

Pair our ultra-comfortable boyshorts with a skinny jean or a form-fitting skirt or dress and kick the stress of visible seams to the curb.

The boyshort goes hand-in hand-with coziness and comfort. For those lazy Sundays, this cozy yet curve-accentuating fit couldn’t be more suited for an oversized t-shirt or sweater combo.