Plus Size Underwear Tips for Women: Why Parade is Your Best Option

Plus Size Underwear Tips for Women: Why Parade is Your Best Option

For so long the world of underwear has catered to only one type of consumer, disregarding the simple fact that bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

A lack of diversity in both product and representation has created a sizable gap in knowledge around finding the best and most comfortable underwear for plus size women.

Searching for the perfect pair of underwear that hugs your body in all the right ways doesn’t have to be a headache.

What underwear styles are best for plus size women?

No one is a fan of ill-fitting undergarments — sagging, rolling, and pinching can certainly put a damper on a productive day.

Underwear style is an extremely personal preference with a variety of factors such as lifestyle and aesthetic. Because of this, no one style can be declared as the universal crème de la crème for all plus size women.

Styles that offer support, especially around the hips, are always a win-win. Boyshorts have always been a safe bet because of the super snug fit, giving the wearer a more supportive, held-in feel.

What fabric is best for plus size women’s underwear?

The importance of quality materials also can’t be downplayed here — any fabrics that offer stretch and durability are great options. Spandex is an excellent place to start due to its elasticity and ability to mold to the wearer’s skin. Nylon is another winner, also pairing stretch with silky-smooth texture.

Whether you’re rocking thong underwear, a brief, a high rise, or a hip hugger, you can’t go wrong with fit if you’re working with strong, quality materials.

How do you know what size underwear curvy women should buy?

With a curvier body type, it can be difficult to gage which size underwear works for you.

Your journey to nailing that perfect fit begins at the waist. We recommend using a tape measure to measure your natural waist, narrowest point between the bottom of the rib cage and the pelvis located just above the hip bone.

Additionally, measuring the fullest part of your hips is key to determining what size will be the most comfortable for your body.

Use these measurements as the foundation for your search, and be sure to consult all of the available sizing information to nail the perfect fit.

We recommend using your dress size as the best barometer for identifying the right size for you, but we compiled other tips to find the best fitting plus size underwear.

Will Parade underwear fit plus size bodies?

Yes! Parade was created to work on every size, and we’ve had a dedicated community of plus size women involved in our product development process from the start.

Our waistband, FreeStretch, is engineered with sport-inspired performance stretch, to fit a much wider range of bodies. It has a higher level of elasticity and recovery to ensure it never digs in or pinches.

We understand that fit is the most important thing for underwear, so Parade offers a flexible return policy where you can either get a refund or a replacement within 30 days, no questions asked.

All Parade underwear styles are plus-size friendly and intentionally designed to fit curvy bodies -- check out our plus size underwear collection.

Don't take our word for it. A lot of plus size women in our community say Parade has become their favorite underwear brand:

"As a gorgeous, apple-shaped lady who wears a 3XL, I give Parade underwear 1,000 stars!"

"My big ol' backside bounces with joy when wrapped up in Parade's beautiful boyshorts!"

"I’m a curvy girl but still want to look sexy. Loveeeee Parade underwear."