You Asked for Cotton. We Made Something Better.

You Asked for Cotton. We Made Something Better.

We know you’ve been asking for cotton. 

We make creative basics inspired by you, because we want to revolutionize the way the underwear industry has existed for all these years. 

To do that, my product team and I talk to members of the Parade community everyday. We look at each comment on IG and live by the results of our regular customer surveys (want to get your voice heard? Join the community here). Over and over again, we heard the same thing--cotton, cotton, cotton. You were looking for Parade styles in a soft, natural fabric.

You also care about climate change--so, we made something more sustainable. 

We love how natural fabrics feel, but cotton isn’t great for the earth. It requires a lot of high-quality farmland, toxic chemicals and gallons and gallons of water to produce. Regular cotton also uses heavy amounts of pesticides, which are dangerous for both the planet and the people harvesting the plants. 

To create the right natural product for Parade, we had to find a more sustainable alternative. 

Meet SuperSoft.

We searched for two years until we found SuperSoft. SuperSoft is made from TENCEL Lyocell, one of the most sustainable fibers out there. It’s made from trees, so it’s a natural fabric made from renewable resources. And, its smooth surface means TENCEL Lyocell has an unbelievable softness--even softer than cotton. 

Made from trees.

Trees like eucalyptus and beech are primarily grown specifically for fiber manufacturing, which minimizes any deforestation of natural resources. These trees rely mostly on natural rainfall and require less land use than a regular cotton farm. 

Less water, less waste. 

Pulp from these trees are turned into TENCEL Lyocell through closed-loop manufacturing, which uses non-toxic chemicals and recycles 99% of all materials back into the process. Ultimately, it uses 95% less water to produce TENCEL Lyocell compared to regular cotton. 

Giving back more than we take. 

To thank the trees that are making SuperSoft possible, we’re teaming up with veritree to plant a new native tree for every SuperSoft piece sold. Our goal is to plant 40,000 trees in the next few months in Canada and Kenya -- helping to reforest the landscape and provide economic and social opportunities. Learn more about our tree planting plans here.

We’re still listening. 

The last two years have been a journey to find a sustainable and soft fabric that we could turn into our most expansive and Earth-friendly collection yet. What do you want to wear next? We’re always listening.