Parade Launches a New Category: Bralettes

Parade Launches a New Category: Bralettes

For decades, the bra market has lagged behind what women need and expect. It has solely offered padded, restrictive bras that are akin to the current generation’s corsets.

Creative Basics brand Parade launched today its newest product category, the Parade Bralette, that offers the uncompromising comfort and style she has been looking for.

Crafted with sustainable materials, the Parade Bralette breaks away with the dated status quo of what’s available on the market and offers a product that celebrates who she is today.

Coming off the heels of the brand’s 1M pairs sold milestone, the Bralette has been in development for two years and is, in part, a direct response to its community's request.

23-year-old brand founder and CEO Cami Tellez and her team saw countless social posts depicting brand fans hooking two pairs of Parade underwear around their arms to create makeshift tops; leading the brand to create an official iteration.

This launch speaks to the brand’s community-first mindset that has catapulted it to massive success.

Today, Parade has over 200,000 customers -- representing close to .5% of the US total market for underwear customers and making it one of the fastest-growing D2C brands in history.

“Expanding Parade into becoming a full stack underwear company with Bralettes is a natural next step,” said Cami Tellez, founder and CEO of Parade.

“We saw our community eager to compliment their Parade underwear with an equally comfortable, stylish and sustainable top offering through social and jumped to deliver. After two years of R&D and testing the two styles -- Scoop and Triangle -- on both professional fit models and 500 community members all who have different body types, we know this is the best bralette on the market. Over the past year, Parade has emerged as the leading challenger brand in the underwear category and we’re excited to give her the next chapter she’s been craving.”

Nailing the Bralette’s fit as well as offering an extensive sizing range for all bodies was a non-negotiable for Parade, which is renowned for celebrating and showcasing a dynamic array of body types.

Parade tested its latest product launch for over a year bringing fit models of every size into the fold along with their community to provide feedback and ensure that the product would offer design solutions for every size.

In addition to testing every size range, Parade’s design team tested the product 5x more than the industry standard. As the team began developing the bralette, they realized that the standard size range of XS-3X just wasn’t enough to support their community.

As a result, Parade created a new range to complement XS-3X called Support+. Support+ aims to support individuals with small rib cages and larger boobs. According to the brand’s recent community survey, 30% of its community would fall within the newly created Support+ range.

Parade’s Support+ is rewriting the traditional bra sizing playbook by offering better coverage and support that further bolsters the brand’s commitment to innovative inclusivity.

Bralettes feature Parade’s Re:Play fabric, which is Parade’s signature fabric featuring certified recycled nylon and mesh, and a lighter bralette torso band known as the Parade Airband.

Debuting in two styles, the Triangle and the Scoop, the Bralette has fully adaptable and adjustable straps offering optimal support and customization for their consumer.

The Bralette can be worn as an intimate or as outerwear piece, and offers an estimated 130 mix and match opportunities.