What's the Most Comfortable Women's Underwear?

What's the Most Comfortable Women's Underwear?

Underwear may not be the most visible component of the outfit, but your choices just beneath the surface layer are probably some of the most important.

The right foundation can go miles in terms of boosting your overall confidence. If comfort is the name of the game, there are three keywords to keep in mind here: fabric, style, and cut.

Much like a great pair of pants, choosing the best pair of women’s underwear for your lifestyle, aesthetic, and body-type is hardly a one size fits all kind of endeavor. We’re here to break it down.

What fabrics & material make the most comfortable women's underwear?

Cotton offers a variety of benefits ranging from vaginal health to comfortability. This naturally hypoallergenic fabric is both breathable and absorbent (helps to prevent yeast infections) while also providing an effortlessly-soft barrier between your skin and your clothing.

While there are some all-cotton options available, even having a cotton lining on each of your pairs will still give you the breathable benefits of an all-cotton pair.

Nylon is a great silk-substitute, imitating that smooth, almost naked feel. Along with being fast-drying, this lightweight fabric is virtually wrinkle-free, making it the perfect go-to for your tighter clothing pieces.

Due to its incredible stretch and ability to mold to the wearer’s skin, pairs that include spandex are a great fabric addition for those desiring a more held in feeling.

Mesh can add an undeniably sexy-edge to any style of women’s underwear. The soft, breathable netting works wonders in helping you stay ventilated and supremely satisfied.

What styles of underwear are the most comfortable?

Boyshorts underwear

Typically extending past the crotch to cut off along the upper thigh, this silhouette tends to cover more of the hip and butt than other pieces. The result? Maximum mobility and maximum comfort. Because of the super snug fit and full coverage, boy shorts typically work for any body type and any individual looking for a more held-in feel.

Brief underwear

This style is typically cut with a high waist to provide full coverage of the hips and buttocks. The waistband sits on your natural waist as opposed to a couple inches below the navel (as with the bikini, for example) doubling as the perfect shapewear to pair with any high-rising pant or skirt. With the brief, support is provided in all the right places.

Cheeky underwear

For women seeking comfort in a lower-to-mid-rise style, you can’t go wrong with cheeky underwear (also known as bikini-style), which provides excellent coverage on your backside.

Featuring slender sides with a waistband anywhere from one to three inches below the navel—not too low nor too high. This hip-hugging fit is so comfy you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. Because of the standard nature of the cut, bikini underwear tends to pair well with pretty much any everyday outfit.

What cuts of underwear are the most comfortable?

Although the general consensus here is high-cut underwear for that supportive, held-in feel, this question truly comes down to personal preference.

Whereas one woman may enjoy the snugness offered by a low-cut style, another might love the hip accentuation and the bare, almost-naked feel of a high-cut.

We’d recommend experimenting with a few different cuts and styles so you can find the underwear that is a perfect fit.

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