How Should Women's Underwear Fit? Tip: Sizing, Cut & Fabric Matter

How Should Women's Underwear Fit? Tip: Sizing, Cut & Fabric Matter

Diverse sizing in the women’s underwear sector is a fairly new phenomenon. For so long, female consumers have had to deal with outdated aesthetics, limited styles and non-inclusive underwear sizing across small, medium and large.

Underwear may not be the most visible component of the outfit, but the right foundation can go miles in terms of boosting both your comfort and confidence.

What are signs that your underwear doesn't fit?

One of the main signs your underwear doesn’t fit is if you notice skin bulges around your hips or love handles.

If this occurs, we recommend either trying the next size up or switching to a style that provides more coverage and support.

Restricted leg movement is another sign that your underwear is too small. If you find that the seams dig into your thighs to the point of causing marks, it might be time to give your legs some much-needed breathing room.

Some of the more obvious indications of ill-fitting underwear include constant wedgies, loose waistlines, and that uncomfortable sagging of excess material.

Should women's underwear be tight or loose?

Underwear fit should never be a tale of two extremes (too tight or too loose). What you’re looking for is that sweet spot, when a pair enables comfort and movement but still gives you all the coverage and support you desire.

Should you size up or size down women's underwear?

When underwear fits properly, in most cases it should feel like you’re wearing virtually nothing at all.

They should lie smoothly under your clothes and the waistband should be flat against your skin. Bearing this in mind, you shouldn’t be sizing up or down, but rather trying to find the pair that feels like a second skin.

How do you know what size women's underwear to buy?

First and foremost, your journey to nailing that perfect fit begins at the waist. We recommend using a tape measure to measure your natural waist, narrowest point between the bottom of the rib cage and the pelvis located just above the hip bone.

Additionally, measuring the widest part of your hips is key to determining what size will be the most comfortable for your body.

Use these measurements as the foundation for your search, and be sure to consult all of the available sizing information to nail the perfect fit.

Women with curvy body types can have a unique struggle trying to find plus size women’s underwear. It can be difficult to find underwear that hugs the curves of the body, while not being too restrictive.

We recommend using your dress size as the best barometer for identifying the right size for you, but we compiled other tips to find the best fitting plus size underwear.

Does underwear fabric impact fit?

Much like with clothing, underwear fabric has a huge impact on overall fit. Personal preference also comes into play here, however. Offering the perfect balance of comfort and elasticity, this fabric is a promising alternative for those desiring that held-in feel, spandex is a great option for someone seeking a snug, more secure fit.

For a woman who wants to forget that she has underwear on entirely, nylon comes to mind. This fabric has a fantastic silk-like texture, giving you that smooth almost naked feel.

Along with being fast-drying, this fabric is virtually wrinkle-free and rarely ever loses its shape, making it the perfect go-to for an effortless underwear experience.