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Until recently, the world of women’s underwear was largely unimaginative, leaving little room for happy mediums in both fit and style. You either went for a full-coverage brief style or you adopted the less-is-more mentality and bared it all with a thong.

Luckily for all of us times have changed, because what women should have to choose between sexy and supportive?

Cheeky underwear makes this age-old dilemma a thing of the past.

What is the point of cheeky style underwear?

Cheeky underwear is the perfect style solution for women looking for more support and coverage than a thong but a little more, dare we say, cheekiness, than a brief.

Due to the form-flattering cut, the sexy-flirty quality of this style brings some much-needed attitude to the underwear game. As we all know, confidence is the most important element of any outfit, and it all starts at the base.

Pair cheeky underwear with any type of bottom for comfort and a way around that pesky VPL (visible panty line) and you’re good to go.

Additionally, because of the mid-rise waist, you don’t have to worry about your underwear making an appearance when you bend over.

How does Cheeky underwear fit?

As the name suggests, cheeky underwear features a narrower band of fabric across your backside than a typical bikini cut while providing more coverage than a thong.

This style goes great lengths to accentuate the bum and the main feature to create a playful look that doesn’t compromise on support.

Designed for no-line, all-day, breathable comfort, cheeky underwear should provide more modest coverage in the front than say a bikini style, but should keep a significant portion of your backside exposed.

While you can find this style of underwear in both lower-rise and high rise cheeky styles, the mid-rise cheeky waistband tends to be the industry standard.

Is Cheeky underwear comfortable?

Cheeky underwear are a perfect everyday go-to because they don’t show off too much nor do they have enough extra fabric to bunch up anywhere under an ensemble.

The seam is another major feature when we’re talking comfortability, as it is located a safe distance away from any of your more sensitive areas without masking your whole thigh.

Because of the cut in the back and front, cheeky underwear will also never inhibit your moving no matter how active your lifestyle is. All in all, you can’t go wrong with cheeky underwear when the name of the game is comfort.

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Meet the perfect barely-there pair.
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Cheeky | Re:Play



Meet the perfect barely-there pair.
1695 reviews
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