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Much like clothing, women’s underwear should not only have an aesthetic edge, they should be comfortable as well. In the saturated universe of undergarments, not all underwear is created equal, so attention to detail here can be the difference between your favorite pair and a one-and-done affair.

Aside from style and fit, fabric is one of the top three factors to consider when deciding on the best underwear. 

Best fabrics for women's underwear

As the most popular fabric in the world, cotton is not only a tried-and-true undergarment staple, it hosts a variety of wellness benefits as well.

Nylon is another common alternative, favored for its silky-smooth texture.

Known for its incredible stretch, spandex is a great option for those seeking durability without thickness.

Mesh offers a unique, more aesthetically-inclined approach while providing great ventilation.

Why is Cotton a good fabric for women's underwear?

A classic choice for women, cotton underwear is lightweight, easy to clean, and made of natural fibers, providing a convenient and effortlessly-soft barrier between your skin and clothing.

Additionally, cotton underwear is often crafted with vaginal health in mind. This naturally hypoallergenic fabric is both breathable and absorbent, which works wonders in terms of preventing yeast infections which are typically caused by excess moisture.

Purchasing underwear with a cotton lining can also give you many of the breathable benefits of an all-cotton pair.

Why is Nylon a good fabric for women's underwear?

Nylon underwear has a fantastic silk-like texture, giving you that smooth almost naked feel.

Along with being fast-drying, this fabric is virtually wrinkle-free and rarely ever loses its shape, making it the perfect go-to for your more form-fitting ensembles.

Why is Spandex a good fabric for women's underwear?

Due to its incredible stretch and ability to mold to the wearer’s skin, spandex is a popular favorite among women with a more athletic, on-the-go lifestyle.

Offering the perfect balance of comfort and elasticity, this fabric is a promising alternative for those desiring a more held-in feel.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a good plus size underwear fabric option, there is no need to purchase new pieces to maximize comfort when you rock with spandex.

Why is Mesh a good fabric for women's underwear?

Mesh can add an undeniably sexy-edge to any style of women’s underwear, but that’s not all. Warmer climates and sweating often lead to below-the-belt infections due to excess moisture having nowhere to go.

The soft, breathable netting works wonders in helping you stay ventilated and supremely satisfied.

What fabric is Parade underwear made of?

Parade underwear is made from recycled materials & fabrics: cotton lining & mesh for breathability, nylon for a silky feel and spandex for comfortable stretch.

We offer three fabric platforms across our underwear collection:

  1. Universal: No visible panty lines (even under leggings), this seamless underwear feels like you're wearing nothing. Made from recycled fabric with an organic cotton lining

  2. Silky Mesh: Luxurious superfine silky mesh underwear, with a breathable cotton liner, lightweight & buttery feel with 360 degree stretch

  3. Re:Play: Ultra-soft underwear for everyday wear. Made from recycled super-fine fabric, a breathable cotton liner, lightweight & cool touch with 360 degree stretch

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