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We planted 40,000 Trees With Your SuperSoft Purchases

Learn more about the impact of your SuperSoft purchases.

We planted 40,000 Trees With Your SuperSoft Purchases

Trees are amazing things. We love them for our cottagecore backdrops and as the home to our favorite ogre. And most importantly, they’re an important tool to mitigate climate change. 

Trees make our new SuperSoft collection possible. And, we always want to give back more than we take. We turned to our friends at veritreea company founded to bring accountability and traceability to tree planting projects—to help us make our most sustainable collection yet even better. Together, we know these initiatives will help us become climate positive by 2025. 

Veritree partners with the best tree-planting organizations in the world and is a part of the Corporate Alliance. Each of their projects is designed to look holistically at the environment and people who live in it. Together, they restore thousands of hectares of land with native trees, provide good jobs to local communities, support habitat restoration and of course—sequester CO2 from the atmosphere. 

When we launched SuperSoft, our goal was to plant 40,000 trees, and thanks to you—we did! Thank you for partnering with us, and we can't wait to see what we achieve together next.


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