The Parade Product Score: Our Sustainability Label

The Parade Product Score: Our Sustainability Label

It’s almost Earth Month. Time for every company to roll out their commitment to climate change. We love to see it – the truth is, we need every company to be reducing their emissions and building solutions to help their industry be more sustainable.

I struggle a lot with the language around sustainability. Even that term means so many different things. We’ve been thinking a lot at Parade about how to hold ourselves more accountable to the standards that we’ve set for ourselves when it comes to the social and environmental impact of our company. And, sometimes words just aren’t enough. 

Meet the Parade Product Score. 

Every Parade product now comes with a score between 0%-100% that shows its environmental, social and circularity impact. 

We wanted to create something fairly simple to use, but with a deep respect for the complexity of climate science. We prioritized carbon reduction over using offsets and factored in a product’s end-of-life options. 

Our methodology was developed with industry-leader, Eco-Age, to pull from established work from people like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Each total score takes into account an individual product’s: 


  • Climate: How have we reduced CO2 to make this product?
  • Social: How do our factory partners treat their people and the planet?
  • Circularity: What happens at the end of a product's life?


No one is perfect – and neither are our products. Right now, Parade products range from a 76% to a 95%. We built this scale so that we have lots of room to improve. We’ll be updating this score and our methodology at least every year to make sure that our thinking is in line with the most current scientific and global best practices. 

Want to go deeper on our methodology? Read on here.