Can You Wear a Bralette Every Day?

Can You Wear a Bralette Every Day?

Finally finding that perfect bra or bralette can be like finding a needle in a haystack — with so many options given your personal preference, to style, fit and material.

That’s why we understand that when you find the piece that answers all of your prayers, you instantly wonder, can I wear this godsend everyday?

In recent years, bralettes have re-emerged as the perfect style for women seeking a comfortable, functional, and fashion-savvy alternative to the traditional bra.

As a versatile undergarment staple that offers both style and support, it's no wonder a woman would want to make the bralette her everyday go-to. 

Can you wear a bralette every day?

Because of its largely “unstructured” design, it seems that many women struggle with the idea that a bralette can become a tried and true day-to-day basic.

Contrary to popular belief, however, bralettes can absolutely worn every day as your daily dose of support.

For any woman who has struggled with underwire bras in the past—suffering with anything from pain, discomfort, or even allergic reactions—the bralette can be a compelling alternative. This style was certainly crafted with comfort in mind, as the less structured design means that you don’t feel constricted in any way while wearing it.

Additionally, style comes to mind when listing the benefits of wearing a bralette everyday. While the bra serves almost exclusively as an undergarment designed to be hidden, the bralette appeals to both fashion and function in equal measure.

It can be the focal point of an outfit, serving as a funky substitution for a more traditional top, or a fun addition offering a vibrant pop of color. All in all, the convenience of wearing an undergarment that can transition so seamlessly from day to night, look to look, can’t be underestimated.

Should I wash my bralette after every wear?

Since they are directly in contact with your body, bralettes should be worn only 2-3 times before washing.

We’ve found the best way to keep your bralettes looking brand new while maintaining good hygienic practices is machine washing in cold water and on a gentle cycle!

Line drying is recommended (and better for the planet), but you can also tumble dry low. Make sure to attach the hooks to the eyes before popping into the machine to prevent snags.

Another pro tip? Be sure to give your bralette a day of rest in between wearing to give the elastic a chance to regain its shape so you can have all of the support and none of the slippage.

What's so special about Parade bralettes?

Our product team spent two years developing Parade bralettes to provide weightless support and unreal comfort in our full range of sizes.

» Parade Scoop bralette 

» Parade Triangle bralette

Here are a few of the things that make our bralettes so special:

1. We fit and designed each size from scratch, using women of all shapes and sizes. This means that the XS bralette is not just a smaller version of the XL bralette, but rather, a version of the bralette design optimized for that size range. This is not industry standard!

2. We developed our exclusive AirBand™ — a new kind of under-bust elastic that feels feather-light and has no unnecessary digging.

3. We listened to you, our models, and our team throughout the design journey. Our bralettes were truly co-created by our community and deliver on all the qualities you found to be most important.

4. We employed a pattern-maker who specializes in bras to develop the pattern for our bralettes. These designers are rare to find, but we know your comfort is worth it :)

Got more questions about Parade's bralette collection? Check out our FAQ & Help page for everything else you might want to know.