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Parade Friends FAQ

Your questions, answered. Inclusive of recent program-wide updates & best practices.

Parade Friends Q&A

Submit your content through this link!  This is our fav way to highlight quality content!! If your photo is chosen you will be notified.

No need to email us to change your address! Each campaign gives the capability of entering your updated address that you prefer the package to be shipped too! The process is just like order online through shopify💘❤️

If you are a Gold member: This functionality is now available in your Gold dashboard, select the button directly under your unique 20% off code.

If you are a Parade Friend: Please email your old instagram/tiktok handle, new instagram/tiktok handle, and email to 

No, we work with small Creators only! We work with Friends who might consider themselves micro-influencers but most of our Community are Friends who love the brand, want to share perks with their friends and allow us to celebrate real people, with real bodies.

If this FAQ does not answer your question, reach out to the Parade Community Team directly:

Friends who create content, share their codes & participate in challenges are invited to select product to support launches and partnerships.

No! We launch multiple campaigns per month and will always offer new opportunities to our most active Friends as long as you continue to share your code and create beautiful & unique content.