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Ultra-soft Re:Play

Our original fabric that feels like wearing nothing–blending comfort with 360° stretch for all day, everyday wear.

Sustainability: Re:Play is made from recovered scraps usually wasted in manufacturing processes and turned into buttery soft recycled yarns.

Feels like: Smooth, flexible, and cool to the touch.

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Silky Mesh

Light, airy, and breathable sheer lingerie fabric that feels as comfortable as your favorite sweats.

Sustainability: Silky Mesh is made from rescued materials usually wasted in production processes and spun into featherlight yarns.

Feels: Barely there, breezy, and light (no sweat!).

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Our no-frills seamless fabric that disappears under your clothes.

Sustainability: Universal is made from rescued materials usually wasted in production processes and turned into seamless essentials.

Feels: Smooth, sculpting, and supportive.

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A sustainable alternative to traditional cotton you’ll reach for every single day–antimicrobial, timelessly sexy, and comfy.

Sustainability: New:Cotton is made from upcycled cotton and TENCEL Lyocell (a fiber from responsibly-managed forests) to create the softest antimicrobial fabric (no yeast infections!) while using 95% less water than conventional cotton.

Feels: Soft, stretchy, and breathable.

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Luxe Satin

Our sustainable, durable, and washable answer to overpriced traditional silk–that still makes you feel like a million bucks in supreme comfort.

Sustainability: Unlike commercial silk which is made from boiling silk worms, Luxe Satin is made using recycled fibers.

Feels: Silky-smooth, slinky, and luxurious.

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Soft just gor softer with our dreamiest sleep fabric ever–breathable and temperature-regulating for ultimate comfort.

Sustainability: SuperSoft is made from TENCEL Lyocell (a fiber from responsibly-managed forests) using 95% less water and 5% less carbon than cotton.

Feels: Soft, cool, and like lounging on a cloud.

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Lush Rib

A rich ribbed knit made from trees and designed to hug your curves.

Sustainability: Lush Rib is sourced from responsibly-managed beech forests and made using 97% less water than traditional cotton.

Feels: Comfy, smooth, and flattering.

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Cozy Waffle

An addictively comfortable textured brushed knit made for head-to-toe softness.

Sustainability: Cozy Waffle is knit from reclaimed manufacturing scraps and responsibly-sourced viscose to create the comfiest, plushest textured fabric.

Feels: Cozy, comfy, and plush.

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