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    Luxe Sleeveless Bodysuit

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    Sexy Silky Mesh ♻️πŸ”₯

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    Under high-waisted jeans, when you’re feeling like a bad b*tch, for sheer pleasure

    A breathable second-skin bodysuit

    Sleeveless with a crew neck cut, in double-layered luxe mesh

    Features thong coverage & snap closure

    Silky Mesh is 95% Recycled nylon, 5% elastane, and a cotton lining

    Silky Mesh lingerie is made from the softest, superfine recycled fibers.

    Parade Product Score: 85%
    Climate: 100%
    Social: 75%
    Circularity: 73%

    What's in a Parade Product Score? Learn more here

    Silky Meshβ€”breathable, luxurious lingerie.

    • Made with FreeStretchβ„’ elastic: a waistband that feels like wearing nothing.

    • Features sheen trims for an ultra-luxe look & feel.

    • Breathe easy in fabric made from the softest recycled yarns ever.

    You wear it best

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