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Soft Lace in Stars ♻️🌸

Perfect Lace Cheeky


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  • ✨ Our flirtiest cheeky underwear ever—sexy, dainty lace that's seriously durable and soft for effortless day-to-night wear.

    ❤️ We took the timeless lace look you love and made it sustainable, mega comfortable, and built to last that never chafes, digs, or tears.

    • Hand-drawn star lace pattern
    • Mid-rise
    • Cheeky cut
    • 360° stretch
    • Stays in place
    • Doesn't tear in the wash
    • Sizes XS-3XL

    We worked with experts to create the softest and most durable lace that's actually sustainable and comfortable to wear everyday—meet Soft Lace.

    We use recovered yarns and spin them into lightweight lace for the softest styles.

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