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Recycle Your Underwear With Second Life by Parade

Recycle Your Underwear With Second Life by Parade

Second Life by Parade--our community-favorite underwear recycling program--is BACK. 

We already use certified-recycled fabrics and invest in carbon offsets where we can’t reduce our footprint. But, to achieve our goal of climate positivity by 2025, we wanted to address what happens to underwear  when you’re done wearing it. 

We want you to give your underwear a Second Life by recycling it with us. 

We’ve partnered with TerraCycle to launch their biggest national underwear recycling program. We’ll take any brand, type or style of underwear and turn it into new recycled goods like housing insulation. And, what’s even better? We’ll reward you for doing it. 

Why recycle underwear? 

The underwear with the hole(s). The boyshorts our ex gave us. The briefs that we hate but have to wear on laundry day. We all have underwear we need to get rid of, but that are still somehow in our top drawer. 

Until now, your only option was to throw them out. That’s how 11.3M tons of textiles get into landfills each year. Of course, underwear is only a small portion of that massive number, but it’s the part that’s closest to our hearts (and other places). 

Second Life by Parade is a more sustainable way to say goodbye to your old underwear. It’s free, easy and helps you reduce your carbon footprint. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get yourself a free Second Life by Parade package here. 
  2. Fill our recyclable kit with your old (clean!) underwear.
  3. Send them back and we’ll turn them into new recycled goods like housing insulation, furniture and more.
  4. Redeem your Second Life discount for new sustainable basics. 

We’ll take any brand, type or style of underwear. Kids? Yes. Men’s? Sure! That bright pink brand you bought from in high school? We’ll take those too. 

For now, this is only available in the US, but we hope to expand it to other markets soon. 

Have questions? Contact us at

Recycle your underwear. 

Reduce your carbon footprint. 

Refill your drawer with new sustainable basics. 

Give your underwear a Second Life. 

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